Counselling into the light

A day off, a walk along Princess Street on a sunny day, who should I run into but an old client who I had counselled for a prolonged period through 2014-15.

They had faced personal challenges, true despair at times and had come to me for counselling. Here we were today, standing chatting in the Edinburgh sun and they were a picture of happiness, enthusiasm and positivity. They had come a long way in a short time.

Life throws challenges at us all that can seem overwhelming, unfair, even insurmountable.

When this client had first approached me several years ago they had chosen counselling after a prolonged period of simply struggling to cope, losing direction and sinking into despair.

My role, as the counsellor, is not to wave a magic wand or produce a ‘life cheat sheet’ that has the answers. I do not have the answers.

But as this client reminded me, each individual has their own path which they cannot see when clouded with personal demons, confusion and lack of confidence.

My role as the counsellor is a guide, to ask the right questions to allow you to focus on your goals, ambitions, desires and to forge your own path with confidence, clarity and purpose.

This is not an overnight process. Developing a relationship with my clients can take time but ultimately the goal is for them to find the answers to the right questions.

We live in a challenging world where the individual can often be overwhelmed and face a feeling of solitude and isolation. Seeking help from a professional counsellor is something many people do for a period in the course of their life.

A counsellor can provide support when you need it, helping you through the time when you can’t see the wood for the trees.

The goal ultimately is to stand alone, confident, assured and maybe stop for a chat with your ex-counsellor on a sunny Edinburgh day.