How much will therapy cost?

The normal course of therapy

There is no “normal” really. We will discuss what is best when we first speak. But a typical pattern will look like this:

Initial Assessment Session

£75 (individuals)  £80 (couples) for a 70-minute session
We will have an initial assessment session together, which lasts 70 minutes. This will let you get a sense of me and whether you would like to work with me. It will allow me to understand what you are needing and the best way to proceed.

Ongoing Session fees: £60 (individuals)  £65 (couples) for a 50-minute session

Finally, we will work to an agreed ending. All therapeutic work brings up big thing things, and it is important to put them away properly, not leaving any loose ends.


I need two full days (Monday to Friday) notice of any cancellation (otherwise I cannot manage my diary for other clients) so we can rearrange the session, otherwise it will be lost. If you struggle to physically attend an agreed session, I can, with reasonable prior notice, conduct a session through video (e.g. Skype or Zoom).

Payment is usually done by Bank Transfer, though cash is fine for single sessions.

I can work in other ways. Longer sessions than 50 minute that we have less frequently. Video sessions if you cannot travel or have gone overseas. Home visits if your mobility is greatly resisted. Bringing babies to sessions. I am happy to discuss options and try to be flexible.