Common personal problems

You do not have a problem, or feel that your problem isn’t “serious enough”. Many people cope with a lot of things, and try and “battle on” regardless. You do not have to be at your wits end to benefit from therapy. But some common issues include:

Repeated unhelpful patterns: Having the same argument or choosing the same sort of partner? Or just being stuck in a cycle of depression or poor life choices.

Lack of control: Feeling powerlessness, paralysed by fear or obsessional thoughts, or a poor work/life balance, or just a feeling of being stuck.

Being your worst enemy: Making poor choices or procrastinating about change, or self-sabotaging yourself.

Overcoming irrational fears: Just can’t stop the thoughts and fears running round and round in your head.

Relationship difficulties: Can’t find the right partner, grown apart or struggling to stay together.

Self-Critical: Feeling negative about yourself, or finding yourself take actions that self-sabotage your best efforts, low confidence.

Depression: Low mood, habitual sadness, unable to motivate yourself.

Anger (to little): Unable to able to ever voice your anger.

Anger (to much): Unable to contain your angry feelings.

Sexual Issues: Problems of impotence, lacking in intimacy, suffering from compulsions or addictions, or mismatched desire, or needing support with any aspect of being kinky.

Identity: Gender, sexual or personality identity issues that either you are having or others are having problems accepting.

Trauma: Struggling to comes to terms with a traumatic event in your life.

Shame: Preoccupation with feelings of guilt or shame.

Anxiety: Stress, tension, agitation, and panic attacks.

Obsessive Thoughts or Compulsive Behaviours: Feeling trapped or controlled by thoughts or behaviours that are unwelcome, disturbing or distressing.

People are complex. Often they have more than one problem or one problem can show itself in several ways.