Snow, not so splendid isolation

The recent heavy snow has led to temporary disruption in people’s everyday routines, isolation from friends and family and can make us feel more anxious and uncertain.

Sometimes snow brings a sense of community with people pulling together to share food supplies and clear each other’s paths. It can also be a reminder of who isn’t around and who you miss.

You may find it highlights these feelings of isolation and focuses you on thoughts deliberately buried in the constant trudge of everyday routine. Things avoided in the background noise and blare of normal life laid bare by some snowflakes.

Maybe you’ve been caught unaware by an unexpected low, or you want to take stock of new thoughts and ideas that emerged when everyday life was turned upside down last week.

Seize the opportunity to address the issues, resolve the conflicts in yourself and find time to enjoy your life.

Counselling can help you to understand yourself and your current motivation leading to exciting and unexpected life changes.