From Soul Mate to Stalemate

Are you arguing over small things, feeling bored with each other and now finding it impossible resolve issues yourselves? Maybe you feel misunderstood by your partner and in need of extra help to improve your daily lives. Owning up to an affair, your true feelings or hidden addictions and issues can leave you feeling particularly …

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Finding your path

It’s February. Spring is just around the corner and the new year rolls into memory. Or does it? So how are you coping? Are you feeling positive, enthusiastic looking to the future or are you plodding along still buried in the past? Deciding on a positive direction can require you to address the issues that …

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Couples Counselling Edinburgh

Are you communicating in a fixed and rigid way in some situations? Do you feel a combination of criticism of the other and defensiveness or vulnerability in yourself? Do you each put up barriers, stifling intimacy and the capacity to speak openly about feelings and needs? All these are common reasons to enter relationship counselling. …

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