2019 Client Testimonials

  • Anxiety and Life Management: “Sessions have been great in terms of joining dots between life management and anxiety levels. Through sessions, I have been able to explore what it is that contributes to my anxiety and implement strategies to help reduce this.”
  • Opening Up, Trust and Coping Better: “The benefits for me allow me to talk and explain how I feel completely. It allows me to open up, talk freely and gives me the chance to be my real self. Trust is important and having a good relationship with your therapist helps me so much It makes me feel so much better and helps me cope with it.”
  • Understanding Myself:” Counselling helps me to understand myself: my emotions, my reactions, my needs – better, which in turn helps me to get the best out of my life and the relationships in my life. Being able to do this in a safe environment, i.e., without judgement or risk of raising worry or concern, is utterly invaluable to me.”
  • Being Listened to and Respected with No Agenda: “a sense of being totally listened to and respected with no agenda other than to improve my well-being. Also, certain types of concern and help which may not be available in any other relationship as the session is purely geared toward one’s own development/wellbeing. “